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How to Enable and Empower the employees of your company?

As Women’s Month comes to an end and we reflect on the past month, the post, the articles, the blogs, webinars and motivational speeches, we’ve watched and listened too across the month. One thing that has become clear is that although women’s rights have come a long way, our society still has a long way to go in addressing the social injustices women face every day.

Today, I am going to tell you about how the leadership of Modern Centric Holdings (Modern Centric) addresses this social injustice by empowering and enabling the Modern Centric Women through something we call The Seven Pillars of Enablement:

  1. Gender equality - As one of the leading topics of the modern business environment, Modern Centric has based our Pillars against the fight of gender inequality, a plague that has cost businesses ideas, skills, perspective, sound decision-making, structure, and adaptation for decades. Our leadership has an unwavering commitment to promoting gender equality at all levels of the business.

  2. Equal opportunities, inclusion and non-discrimination - At Modern Centric, we strongly believe in giving equal opportunities to all, and we start by employing individuals based on merit and their potential. We want to see individuals grow and develop as the company does, with leadership creating an inclusive work environment that entrusts every employee with tasks and projects meant to challenge the way they think and find solutions as the business grows.

  3. Health and Safety - As a partially remote company, our focus on health and safety is encouraging our employees to have a work-life balance and creating a work environment that feels safe and comfortable. “We work smart and play hard” – one of the first things leadership tells you when you join the company. As an employee I see this come through all the time, with expectations set from the start, allowing each employee a certain amount of flexibility and support when the pressures of life and work get too overwhelming.

  4. Training and education - As mentioned, we want each employee to develop, learn and grow to become what one might call a 'Jack of all trades' and probably Master of It all if not most. Modern Centric success comes from its employees, and for Modern Centric to grow, we need to constantly upskill the employees of Modern Centric with various training, while continuing to educate them in different topics not always related to their field.

  5. Enhance and support - Refers to leadership and the men of Modern Centric supporting and enhancing practices and anything else formulated by women, showing that everyone is confident in their abilities. Our leadership is also committed to creating a work environment that encourages freedom of speech on every level, ensuring that every employee's voice matters as the business develops and progresses.

  6. Community exposure - Modern Centric is committed to exposing the women of Modern Centric to our communities through community leadership and engagement forums. Modern Centric’s leadership believes that they are showing a serious injustice to the women of Modern Centric if they do not show communities the value women bring to Modern Centric and our country.

  7. Trust - Trust is probably one of the most important pillars. Modern Centric cannot succeed to enable and empower any of its employees without having complete trust in their abilities and confidence that they will get the job done.

Join the Conversation.

How is your company Enabling and Empowering its employees?

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