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Transformation hub


Modern Centric bied end-tot-end werwing. Hier doen ons die werwingsproses in sy geheel. Ons beplan en voer die hele werwingsproses van begin tot einde uit.


Modern Centric het 'n gevestigde projekbestuurbenadering ontwikkel om die unieke vereistes vir enige projek te akkommodeer en te bestuur. 


Modern Centric kombineer strategie-ontwikkeling en unieke operasionele insig om praktiese en volhoubare oplossings te ontwikkel wat in jou besigheidsbehoeftes voorsien en jou in staat stel om jou arbeidsmag op te gradeer en organisatoriese doelwitte te bereik.


Modern Centric bied gespesialiseerde volhoubare oplossings wat in u besigheidsbehoeftes oor verskeie velde voorsien. Van die bestuur van data-invoerbestuur, oproepsentrumbedrywighede, marknavorsing, finansies, IT of HR-aktiwiteite.


B-BBEE-transformasie kan 'n uitdagende ervaring wees gevul met onsekerheid. Modern Centric bemagtig die ondernemings deur beproefde strategiese intervensies wat resultate lewer.

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At Modern Centric, we’ll keep you connected to top talent, whenever and wherever you need it. Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect people best suited for your needs and requirements. We make sure to create the perfect fit between companies and employees so that both sides are happy in the end. Let us help you today.

Recruited 22 Persons with dis-Abilities for a client of ours and then managed the entire Learnership Programme resulting in 100% attendance and 100% pass rate. Contact us today to learn how your company can Level Up on the B-BBEE scorecard by working with us.

At the heart of any successful business are the promises it makes to its clients!

Our approach is simple. We listen very carefully and we make sure we understand your business needs.  

Modern Centric keeps ahead of its competition by continuously growing its understanding of the constantly evolving human capital market. Coupled with this knowledge, everything we do is underpinned by professionalism, commitment, innovation and communication.

From the moment you approach us with a vacancy or project, a dedicated consultant gets to work. You know exactly who is doing the work and are involved throughout the whole process - collaboration, continuity and communication are vital in the way we deliver our services.

Fresh research begins for every new assignment, ensuring you have the best possible fit. In addition to our exceptional network of candidates, our aim is to have the highest successful completion rate in the industry. Every job and assignment is unique. We also go the extra mile by providing cost-effective and innovative solutions.

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